The sun don’t shine without you.

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Chapter One.

So today I left my two week notice letter on my Account Manager’s desk. Unsure how she’s going to take it with so much going on already. I guess this is apart of growing, learning, changing, and really just finding where I really belong as a young professional trying to make it in this cut and dry corporate sector. Two thing for certain is that I won’t miss the crazy hours and angry phone calls when our drivers don’t make the deadline but I will miss just being able to work on my own pace and being able to leave the office to grab sushi on Sundays. In all there are pros and cons to every job, we either learn how to mole into the situation and deal with it or slowly lose yourselves during the process. But one thing is for certain is that nothing can get as crazy and as bad as I had it during the past seven months. You have no idea what I went through with the death of a manager, the firing of my boss, and on top of the crazy winter we had that just made my job a living hell. At the end I was able to pull it through, manage to not lose myself, and make the most out of it. Whatever that lays ahead for me either stay in here in Minnesota for the Human Resource position or Madison for the Project Management role, I know that I am ready, ready to get moving, and ready for whatever may lay ahead. 

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