This time I’m doing much better
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Day 2.

1. Right before I headed out to the gym. I ask my sister to cook me the salmon and mix veggies that I left on the counter so I can take it to work. Without her really saying yes or no I just left to the gym. Once I got back home, it was all packed sitting in the kitchen for me. ;)

One thing that I am truly grateful for are the sisters I have in my life. They have given me so much and honestly I have not given them anything in return. I think sending all of them a bouquet of flowers would be a nice gesture from their baby brother. 

2. I received a letter for the state department indicating that I owe them property tax (I had received this letter some time ago but haven’t really taken care of it). So instead of crashing right after work like I usually do, I called the office of Minnesota Revenue about this letter that I received. After the phone conversation I decided to read the letter from word to word….. and it turns out, ‘As someone who is dependent can not receive property tax through renters form.’ It was clearly stated on the back of the two letters. So later that day I told my dad about it and instead of usually waiting for him to say, “give me the form and I’ll pay for it.” I told him that I’ll go ahead and pay for it since I’ve been working full-time now for about three months.

I guess this is what they call growing up? Owning up to things and taking care of business before someone/your parents ask you about it. But one thing for sure is the love my parents give me is kind of amazing… Although we don’t have much but they are always willing to give me what I need when I need it.

3. Gym - I’ve been really good in making time for the gym before work within the past four weeks. I usually try to shoot for 4x a week but I’ve been doing 3x a week. So lets keep up this great new routine. 

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Had a dream that I moved to LA but woke up still in cold sota.
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