I kind of..

want to deactivate my facebook and just keep on posting on tumblr…. But we already know that will fail big time..

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That Thrill Life (not)

As much as I hate rushing myself but I still do it every damn day for work, an example that happens on the daily…..

A) Many times after the gym  I rush home to shower & boil eggs / or cook something for work but always failed because by the time I’m done showering, I’m already late for work. So I end up with nothing but usually an orange and my green tea..

As for today, I went to the gym earlier than most days so I can play some volleyball after my workout but volleyball became 20…30…45 minutes later and YEAP already knew I was going to late for work and won’t have time to cook. Rushed myself home, showered, dressed, packed my laptop and work related papers, and my keys where no where to be found.. (fml). <— see that always happens, when I am too focused on one thing I forget about another! So I had to take my spare key to work but sadly no house keys….. So here I am 2:52am and ready to go home because work I pretty much done but NOPE!! No one is up to open me the door……… SMH! Bless me a little please. FML! 

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